2017-04-29 12:10:21 by GoldiePanda

just some post.


2017-03-19 00:28:29 by GoldiePanda

I challenge someone to remix a song of mine. I want to hear what people can do to make "my" music better! Choose any song you like, I don't care. I will allow 1 month, good luck whoever!

Stream Much

2017-02-27 20:14:43 by GoldiePanda

Want a face and voice reveal? Watch my stream on YT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRSAD0KoRZU


2017-02-25 12:10:57 by GoldiePanda

I'm releasing my last track, it's hopefully the last one I'll use loops with.. oh well, back to the drawing board. And remember, I DO NOT TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR THE SONGS WITH LOOPS. Just putting that out there :/




2017-02-24 22:15:36 by GoldiePanda

I'm gonna be honest, yes I do use GarageBand loops, but that's because I'm uncreative. I do however mix them and make them semi-original. While submitting, I do put "Third-Party Samples Used" so I'm not taking credit ok? Calm down guys, they're there for a reason.


2017-02-23 12:20:35 by GoldiePanda

Promote my link, I want to get my music out there :))

stalk me

2017-02-20 14:35:43 by GoldiePanda

I am on a bunch of sites other than newgrounds by the way :) check my links :))


BTW Request me for audio portal! I wanna get my music out there!


2017-02-20 00:25:53 by GoldiePanda

I'll be uploading some moosic I made from a year ago up to now, I evolved a lot since then lol